Spray Applications


This is one of our 5 spray booths loaded with freshly sprayed piping.


Lake Painting,  Inc.  is an Industrial &  Commercial painting Company.  We do not heat treat the materials before we coat them. However,  we will heat cure and force cure coatings up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lake Painting, Inc. has two spray booths that can force cure coatings up to 135 F. Tank Linings can be heat cured up to 400 F by the use of a 1 million or 2.5 million BTU gas fired furnace.  All linings applied by Lake Painting, Inc are and will only be cured by Lake Painting,  Inc.

Nitrogen purging can only be done with portable units and nothing will remain under pressure. If pressure nitrogen purging is required Lake Painting, Inc. will hire a mechanical contractor.


Handrail recently sprayed inside one of our booths.