Mechanical and Process Equipment









Lake Painting, Inc. has applied the coatings on a large percentage of process equipment inside of the chemical and other plants listed in the About Us section. From equipment airlines to reactors our knowledge of coatings and paint specifications can help increase the life time of your systems. Piping running hot or cold Lake Painting, Inc. can get you set up with the proper type of paint, mils (coating thickness), and pipe preparation specifications (abrasive blast, hand prep, etc.)  to protect your equipment. Improper coatings or none at all can lead to faster decay or wear of machines. At Lake Painting, Inc. we have several trained N.A.C.E. (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) paint inspectors who are there to inspect every step of the prep and coating process to guarantee they are up to N.A.C.E.. standards.

With Lake Painting Inc’s setup at our “Yard” (The Yard is a reference to our abrasive blast and spray booth areas in Midland, Mi) we can do a lot of work on process equipment before it is installed. In the Yard hundreds of feet of piping, dozens of valves, spools, piping elbows, and flanges can be abrasive blasted and spray coated in large quantities and turned around is a short time. Doing this leaves just nuts, bolts, welds and small touch up after install.

If your process equipment is already installed that is not a problem. Lake Painting, Inc has trained its employees in a variety of ways to access high points, confined spaces, and congested areas in a safety manner. All employees are trained to operate fork lifts, scissor lifts, condors and more to help get into whatever position needed.