Floor Coatings

Lake Painting, Inc. has a variety of floor prepping equipment at its disposal for floor repair and coating. (See our Photos section of the website to see some of our flooring work. ) Some of this equipment is listed in the following but is not all we are limited to.

Floor Prep Equipment:

  •             Shot Blaster – rider self contained – diesel powered, filtered for interior work
  •             10” Shot Blaster – walk behind – 220 or 440 volt
  •             6” Shot Blaster – walk behind – 110 volt
  •             20” Planetary diamond shaver – 220 volt
  •             Two 16” Planetary diamond shavers – 110 volt
  •             Hand Grinders

Lake Painting, Inc can prep a floor in a variety of ways some of which include: shot blasters, planetary diamond shavers and hand grinders. Once the substrate has a profile that resembles 80 grit sand- paper; any area(s) needing repair will be patched as required and ground to match the surrounding surfaces. The floor area will then be vacuumed to remove any contaminants that may inhibit adhesion. Once this is done the coating process can begin. The following is a list of manufacturers of some of the coatings Lake Painting, Inc. may use.

Some of our Floor Coating Materials are:

  •             ChemProof Polymers
  •             Tnemec
  •             ICO Coatings
  •             American Safety