Fire Proofing

Carboline A/D Firefilm III:

A decorative,  thin filmed coating designed to be used for up to a 3 hour fire rating on steelwork,  depending on the design.  Fireproofing of interior steel beams, columns,  tubes,  and pipes. The coating is low voc and cleans up with water. A decorative finish can be used and gives a smooth finish with compatible topcaots with a wide range of colors. Dust free,  hard,  impact,  and abrasion resistant surface.

Cafco Sprayfilm WB3:

A water based coating consisting of polyvinyl acetate resins and fillers for a fire protection up to 3 hours on structural steel.  It can be topcoated with a decorative finish in a variety of colors.  The coating is chemical,  impact,  and abrasion resistant.

International Pyrocrete 241:

A Powder and water mixed coating that is used for fire protection,  lightweight,  1/3 of the weight of concrete for equal amount of fire protection.  Hard,  durable,  nonflammable during or after application,  and asbestos free coating.  Non-friable with a unique crack-free formulation.  Topcoat can be applied in wide variety of colors.

Chartek 1709

The Chartek epoxy technology provides excellent fire protection and corrosion resistance: it is also lightweight, with proven long-term durability and minimum maintenance. Charteks unrivaled track record and reputation shows testament to this.

This epoxy intumescent coating can be quickly and easily applied by airless spray or trowel techniques. It provides a highly durable, lightweight, and physically robust system that is resistant to damage during transport and erection. This makes it ideally suited for off-site fabrication. The excellent adhesion, superior abrasion resistance, and high compressive strength of Chartek 1709 makes it ideal for modular construction of equipment that must be transported. Many refineries and petrochemical plants are acutely aware of the problems of corrosion under fire protection. With the high cost of maintaining and repairing damaged cement based fire protection Chartek 1709 offers a cost effective solution to providing corrosion and fire protection in a single system.