Abrasive Blasting

This is a blast guy posing for a photo before beginning his work.



Lake Painting, Inc. has a 24′ x 60′ fully lit abrasive blasting area. With this facility we can operate 24/7 in nearly any type of weather.

Some types of abrasive material used include coal slag, steel grit, sponge, and soda to name a few. These abrasives can go into conventional blasting equipment, recyclable units, blast-track, sponge jet units, and soda blasters.

Sand is not used by Lake Painting, Inc. due to the negative Health and Environmental issues associated with it. The abrasive blast media used by Lake Painting, Inc. is steel grit by Amasteel, Starblast, Black Beauty, Aluminum Oxide, Sponge Blast, Soda, Walnut Shells, and Corn Cobs to name a few. Abrasive blasting done by Lake Painting, Inc. uses compressed air, blast pots, and handheld nozzles. The automated internal blast pipe cleaner also uses compressed air and steel grit or aluminum oxide for cleaning. The automated internal abrasive blasting cleaner will be used for piping 1 1/2″ to 60″ in diameter to a length of 42′ in straight lengths. Piping under 1 1/2″ but not lower than 3/4″ a Halo and Halo blast Jr. is used. Because different abrasive blasting media can be used many types of metal can be cleaned such as carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, chrome moly, nickel, and copper. Lake Painting, Inc. uses fork lifts and cart systems for material handling. In the shop we use three extend a boom fork lifts at 8,000 to 9,000lbs each. The extend a booms will allow better use of the nylon slings for the handling of painted items. We also have a 20,000lb construction type, 20,000lb combination, and a 7,000lb warehouse style lifts. Smaller items like fittings, are abrasive blasted using a blast cabinet that uses aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide is used because it is available in fine sizes and is recyclable. Internal and Exterior abrasive blasting is completed according to the SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) guidelines from SP-7 brush off to SP-5 white metal. After abrasive blasting, cleaned pipe can be sent the fabricator or to be painted.

When abrasive blasting steel, Lake Painting, Inc, will only use an angular type of material not shot. Shot is only used by our shot abrasive blasters for cleaning of concrete.

For mechanical process equipment we also have a internal robotic abrasive blast unit. This helps get those hard to reach places.