Safety First!

At Lake Painting Inc., safety is our number one priority, both for our employees and our customers.  We have custom programs designed to fulfill the safety and environmental needs for any job we do, big or small.  With our state of the art abrasive blasting and coating facility, top of the line mobile blasting and coating operations, as well as the best safety equipment and training for all of our employees, we provide a safe and environmentally friendly workplace, whether on your site or ours.

Lake Painting is also involved with many different safety organizations, including COST (Contractor Owners Safety Team) at Dow Chemical, Great Lakes Safety Training Center as an active member of the board of directors, and a Platinum Safety Award recipient from ABC.

With all of this, and a firm commitment towards safety and quality from every member of our team, Lake Painting Inc. has been providing superior services and a safe working environment for all of our customers across the United States for over 35 years.


Lake Painting Safety Mission Statement to All Employees:


Know that we are committed to keeping all of our employees as safe as possible from any and all job site hazards.  Because of this our company is dedicated compliance with all OSHA, MIOSHA, and customer mandated safety regulations to provide an injury and incident free working environment.


For that reason, and for everyone’s safety, it is important to understand our company’s policies and procedures.  Our extensive safety procedures and training programs will provide a resource to ensure the safe completion of any task or project.  If, at any time, there are any questions or concerns about how to do a job safely, all Lake Painting, Inc. employees are empowered to stop work to identify the safest way possible to complete the work.  Together we can come up with a way to accomplish any task safely.


Please remember, that only with the cooperation of each individual, use of good judgment, and the ability to identify and protect against hazards on our job sites can we hope to achieve a safe workplace.  Only with employees looking out for one another, asking questions, and being committed to working towards the goal of a zero accident work environment, can we hope to send all of our employees home safely to their families each day.  As the Safety Director for Lake Painting, Inc., I can help, but being committed to safety is ultimately up to you.




Jason Jardno


Safety Director-COSS
Lake Painting, Inc.
Office Phone:  989-631-6002
Cell Phone:  989-205-0361